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I'm maintaining this site on my spare time. All comments are always welcome, but changes will be made on best effort basis only.

Design and structure are inspired by several web sites found all over my browsing experience. I've unfortunately not kept a trace on where all elements were shamelessly "stolen".
If you find that some parts of this site need some credit to your work, ask for it.

If you want to contact me:
Daniel Hurtmans
Coordinates:(50°48'42.27"N / 4° 23'2.78"E)
Address: Université Libre de Bruxelles
Service de Chimie Quantique et Photophysique CP 160/09
50 Av. F.D. Roosevelt
B-1050 Bruxelles
Mail: or <name> . <surname> at ulb.be
PGP: my public key (md5: f0e2d3848d14b21c89c8e0b891c62c56, FP: A98A FB3E 8671 8F57 D497 4330 C543 5C17 70A4 CEDA)